Hello Hula!

Hello Everyone!
Say Hello to Hula! It’s the product of months of hard work by two business partners that wish to offer high-quality goods at a low low price. We’re currently in the process of making our services along with our products even better than they already are. Want that new pair of branded sunglasses? get them at Hula! We want to offer you great quality goods at an affordable price. We’re working really hard constantly to improve our brand. We believe that the only way we can move forward is by always improving our services, that’s where you come in :). If you have any tips or requests that we could add in to make your experience even better on the store please let us know! We’ll soon be launching our entire new customer support system where you can get involved in a live chat with a staff member to query products or get recommendations or even submit suggestions to us! Hula is really the product of months of brainstorming, from day one when Hula was a spider diagram on a sheet of paper to the shiny new online store it is today. It’s the product of months of hard work and resilience by both of us coming together and creating something special. This is our first step in our process of expanding our operations. We hope you as clients are going to come in and join us in this first stepping stone.

We’ve been involved with talks with our suppliers to add entire new contracts in order to offer you new products, better products, branded products. We want to make Hula better, we can only do that by relying on your feedback, if you have any suggestions or questions please either email us at hula.feedback@gmail.com or use our new live chat feature (coming soon). As a Director and a client I really hope you join us on this process of enhancing Hula, Hula aims to offer you great goods at low prices, we’re constantly growing and changing our systems to provide you with amazing services.

Our Latest Additions:

We’ve incorporated a new countdown timer on the front of our page to show you what big holidays are coming up soon, so you can get prepared and ready for said holiday because we don’t want you forgetting to buy your wife/husband a valentines present do we? After all we’re here to help you and hopefully keep you out of those sticky situations. 🙂

Michael 🙂