St Patrick’s Day In Ireland

Hello Everyone!
So I wanted to take the time today to talk a bit about a very famous Irish Holiday, that, of course, being St Patrick’s day. St Patrick’s day is celebrated around the world and has somewhat become a global icon, where everyone looks to the Irish to see what they’re getting up too. Sadly nowadays I believe that most Irish people are taking the celebration for granted. Back in about 2005 you could walk down the street and it would be lined in Leprechauns of all ages, now you can walk down and see the odd person wearing a green hat. I feel as if the tradition of people dressing up and having a laugh with one another has died. People are too focused on their image now instead of having a bit of fun, but that’s just me. Back to Hula, this year we’ve been assembling an entire new St Patrick’s day line that incorporates every type of person. We understand that a lot of people don’t like getting fully dressed up for the events so we’re bringing out small items that still show holiday spirit but not going overboard, and then we have the other extreme of being a full-blown leprechaun. It’s really your choice but at Hula we’re slashing the costs of these costumes so you have no excuse but to pull up those green socks and get stuck into St Patrick’s day with absolute pride. Be different, standing out from the crowd is sometimes better. That’s just my two cents.

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– Michael