Be Safe When Buying Online!

Hi everyone, Today I’m going to be talking about security when you are purchasing products online.

I for one do not often like providing my information online without a reason. So today I’m going to offer you some first-hand advice on how to be safe when shopping online.

1 – Avoid dodgy websites: Try to steer clear from websites that are “not appealing to the eye”. Not all sites are out looking to steal your money but just be extra cautious when using such sites. I’m not saying that good looking websites are immune to being dodgy your just more likely to experience it on a cheaper looking website.

2 – Don’t feel comfortable? If you do not feel comfortable purchasing from an online provider try to see if they have an alternative method of payment. i.e Stripe payment systems (Used At Hula). Your information is passed through a large third party company instead of a smaller online store. Stripe and Paypal also have a refund method built in where you can file for a refund and if the provider does not give you said refund you can argue it with Stripe. If Stripe agrees with you on this you’ll get your full refund back.

3 – If someone ever asks for any information about you personally on an online store immediately leave the site. As store owners do not handle your payment information personally. If this ever happens to you, please leave the site as quick as possible.

4 – False Download links – This is another thing you’ll often get on your cheaper websites. If you are ever downloading something online you’ll often get brought to a page where there’ll be some download options. On the cheaper sites, there will be adds that make it appear as if it’s your intended download but instead it will install malware (Malicious) software instead, which will drastically slow down your computer. Keep an eye out for these false links on download pages and always take that extra minute to check to make sure that a link is valid.

Online shopping is a great industry and it makes shopping easy and often it is cheaper than the high street stores, We are not trying to discourage you from purchasing online but instead, we are teaching you how to avoid the bad areas of online shopping. When you walk downtown you’ll see some shops that don’t look like they should be legal, that is the same case on the web. Some sites aren’t looking out for you like us here at Hula. We use Stripe to protect our transactions and make sure your information is in the best hands.

We hope you have a magical day/night.

– Mike From Hula