ST Patricks Day Announcement

Hello everyone! Long time no see, we were pre-occupied with some issues we needed to iron out elsewhere. Hula has been acquired by our new parent company Reave Technology. Together we’re looking to create a stronger brand with the help from our new partners. We have some exciting stuff lined up and we cannot wait to tell you about it. So enough corporate bull and back down to the store.

The St Patricks day branding will be removed from the site after the events conclusion and the site will return to normal. We’re also finishing off some amazing deals with our suppliers to allow us to get you some great branded products at a great price. We’ll keep you updated on the matters as they unfold.

We continue to grow and our product line is going to grow as we phase out our older products and move to the branded selection at some very affordable prices I may say.


Anyway St Patricks is quickly coming up and we are hoping that you all have a great day at the event. For those of you who have purchased our select range of costumes we hope you enjoy them. It’ll be a great experience. Anyway I’m signing off for the night. I’d like to wish you all the best for the coming week and I’ll make another update next week. Good Luck and have a great day.


— Mike from Hula