Disney Frozen II

“Let it go!… Let it go!….” from the famous Disney song Let It Go from Frozen. The Disney release of Frozen earned the company 1.3 billion in movies, merchandising and exploitation via the theme parks and shows performed all over the world. Disney has just released the trailer for Frozen II, although it doesn’t show us much it provides us with a darker vibe compared to that of the original movie, but we know that Disney have some musical magic up their sleeves which will hook every 12 year old in the country with the latest from the Ice Queen known as Elsa, be prepared, baton down the hatches because Frozen II is steaming full ahead towards movie theatres and it’s going to annoy parents for months with their catchy songs and infiltrating marketing scheme which seems to reach everyone one in well developed countries. This just shows the power of the company. Will Disney make the right step and create a movie that is excellent or create something that lacks detail and the magic that captivates nearly every child around the world. The hype starts now.

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